Monday, August 13, 2007

Preventative Medicine

Today was like any other Monday. I got up got my shower, dressed and headed out to work. About 20 minutes into my 40 minute commute I started having sharp abdominal pains. I figured it was just gas, and went on it to work. By 8:30 the sharp abdominal pains turned into full blow pain. I drank so water, lots of water, went to the bathroom and the pain began to subside. Then I tried to eat lunch and the pains increased to the point I couldn't walk or sit.

My attorney finally convinced me that I needed to leave and get to the doctor. After 8 hours in the Er I found the culprit, well they found the culprit. I still have the bacterial infection that I finished my antibiotics for on Sunday. I had a CT Scan, blood work and gave a urine sample. Afterwards I was given antibiotics intravenously. They also found out that my glucose level was pretty high in my urine sample, so another blood test was done and my sugar was at 286!

They diagnosed me with onset diabetes and informed me I need to see my family doctor immediately. Other than going to the doctor for my annual MS tests I do not go to the doctor. In the last three years I think I've been six maybe two days at the most. This year already has turned into a medical nightmare.

The ER doctor told me that if I would have at least an annual visit to a general practitioner they could have found the problem with the diabetes much sooner, I guess a lot can be said for preventative medicine.

So I will follow up tomorrow with a GP and see what lies ahead for me regarding my sugar. Hopefully they have found it soon enough and I can take something by mouth to keep it in check. Life is full of surprises, isn't it?

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