Friday, January 26, 2007

A Biting Issue

I always thought that the men's room was nastier than the ladies room, but after talking with some of my co-workers I am finding out that is not the case. Women are just as dirty and nasty as the men are when it comes to relieving themselves or when using the facilities. One thing I've never found left in the men's room are articles left behind. You know such as wallets, cell phones personal items. Magazines? oh yes plenty of those are left in the bathroom.

Today though in the women's room at work what was left lying on the toilet paper dispenser left for a lot of speculation. At second break at around 11:33 myself and two other female co-workers went outside for our afternoon cigarette before lunch. Following us was one of the other girls in another division. She came running behind us going on and on about needing to take a minute as she was going to lose it. With little prompting she explained her reason for this sudden sense of being over-wrought. Lying there next to her on the toilet paper dispenser she found someones teeth. Yes you heard correctly. Apparently someone was having issues with their false teeth while sitting on the throne and removed them, placing them on the toilet paper dispenser. Why? Who Knows?

She found the owner of the teeth, who had no idea that they had left them in the bathroom. How could you not know your teeth missing?? By the end of lunchtime we got further information that this certain employee had passed out at her desk and someone had taken her home. So apparently she had some other issues going on, but your teeth??

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Scotty said...

I was JUST about to ask what YOU were doing in the women's restroom! ;)