Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Family Restaurant

Last night after I arrived home from work, DJ called and said he was going to have to close the restaurant as someone had called off work. We had plans and he was upset that he had to break them, so I decided to go down to the restaurant and sit at the bar until he got off and just spend some time together.

Now he works for a large chain restaurant, a family place actually, but a little more upscale that Wendy's. They have a great bar and great bartenders at this location. So I sat there being entertained by some patrons down the bar from me. They were all three obviously intoxicated and the bartender seemed to know them, even though this was her fourth day. As I dipped into their conversation I learnt that the young good looking guy the young woman had came in with was a guy she had just met a few minutes earlier at another bar. He was a co-worker of her sisters and wanted them to meet. They decided to come to this bar to get away from the noise and talk. The third guy I found out was the young girls most recent boyfriend. They had apparently broken up over the Christmas holidays. I listened and snickered under my breath at the obvious displeasure the younger guy was having, and the obvious jealousy the old boyfriend was having, and the obvious pleasure the young girl was having as it seemed she had planned this whole meeting the old boyfriend thing on purpose.

After about a half an hour the young boy leaves to go outside to have a cigarette (yes the smoking ban passed in January, but that is another story) Once he removed himself, the girl then dismissed herself saying to her ex, "I've got to piss this beer out" Loud enough that the family sitting on the other side of the bar, having a nice late dinner heard her. Within about 30 seconds the ex gets up and also heads to the area where the bathrooms are. They don't come back for quite sometime. The young boy comes back from his cigarette break and asks the bartender where his party had went. She told him. He proceeds to the men's room and returns and tells the bartender that the guy that had been sitting with them was not there. Of course the bartender thinks she he has walked out on his tab and gets the manager.

Meanwhile a female employee comes from the area of the bathroom and states to the manager in a very loud voice, again the family turns to hear the commotion, "There is a couple in the ladies room having sex!"

A true Family Restaurant. Gives a whole new meaning to "Let's eat here!"

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