Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I love my life. Really, I do. Sure I have regrets and some days I wish I could do over. Some days I wish I'd never gotten out of bed, but most of the time there is really no certain day of the week that I loathe as some do Mondays. Except...


Tuesdays, you say? Yes. Tuesdays. I mean seriously what is there to look forward to on Tuesdays? Let's take a look at the days of the work week first. Of course there is the dreaded Monday. Back to work, school,... whatever. But honestly, is it really all that bad? I mean you've had the weekend to frolic and do what it is you do. Family outings, crotchet, whatever... then it's back to the same ole same ole shit come Monday. But you've had the weekend. You should be ready, rested and set to go! Excited to start your mundane week. Then there is Tuesdays...we will come back to that.

Wednesday, it's hump day, you made it through Monday and Tuesday and now it's all downhill from here. You can celebrate with your friends with a chain e-mail that you've reached hump day! Two days left to work and you are looking forward to that overnight you have scheduled with all your girlfriends. (Or boyfriends, whatever the case may be) You have a goal and you see yourself getting closer to it on Wednesday.

Thursday..it's almost over, Friday is just in sight! One more laboriously long dull day and it will soon be FRIDAY!! Then there is Friday! The biggest day of the work week. This is it, you've made it and now it's time to head to the local pub after work and enjoy happy hour and talk about that knitting class you have in the morning!!

Then there is the fabulous WEEKEND!! WOO! It is YOUR time. Do what you want, when you want and who you want to do it with. None of this having to go to lunch where you don't want to because the co-workers can't eat McDonald's because they all think they are so health conscience that just thinking about McD's makes them want to revert back to their bulimic ways. Hell it's the weekend baby, you can have McDonald's for breakfast lunch and dinner...both days if you want. Chances are you'll see that same co-worker in there munching down on her Quarter Pounder with cheese and scarfing a large chocolate shake with her 5 kids.

Finally the weekend is over and its back to Monday.

Now look at Tuesday. What do you get? The weekend is over, you have exerted all of your left over energy from the weekend into getting through Monday, so you are tired, cranky and probably just got your period...or missed your period whichever the case may be. Your boss, who also is reminiscing about his glorious fun filled weekend at the Tractor Pull, is now constipated from all the tacos he ate and blames you. It's not hump day, it's three days before Friday and the start of the next weekend excursion to the Golden Corral... it's Tuesday! And to top it off, this Tuesday happens to be TAX day!! So there you have it. Why I hate Tuesdays...

There is one redeeming quality about Tuesdays. Kids eat free at Gold Star Chili, but what the hell good is that if you don't have kids??? God I hate Tuesdays!!


James said...

Oh my God! I am so with you on the whole Tuesday thing. I hate them as well, they are just NOTHING days...great post!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing my cute little ass off!! This is great...heart you :o)