Saturday, April 05, 2008

Office Saftey

How many people get hurt at work each year? I'd say the number is staggering. In 2006 the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 4.1 million work-related non-fatal injuries! That's a lot. They even break it down by demographics, gender and job title. Professional and Business Services, which is the category I would fall into accounted for 21.2 % of that 4.1 million number.

How does one get hurt at work in an office? Well, let me tell you...

It's not pen related, nor is it over exposure to the copy machine or the coffee machine. It's not even related to cubicle depression. But if any one is going to get hurt at work in an office environment, it would be me of course. I'm not talking about carpal tunnel syndrome, which is the #1 related injury for office workers, I'm talking about full on open wound, ER treated accident.

Yesterday as I was removing a file from my Attorney's office, the file divider that it was placed in slipped and fell. As I tried to catch those files from falling onto the floor and scattering legal documents from one end of the office to the other, the metal file divider came in between my index and second finger, slicing a nice piece of flesh. I now have five stitches in my right hand between those two digits. Not too much pain yesterday, but today...well let's just say this post is taking me a while to type. But one of my avid readers insisted I update my blog...

So I am now included in that numbers for work related injuries for 2008. Hey at least I belong to something now!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you made it...I was so afraid you were going to CODE while in the the way...was Dr George Clooney there??

Lazy Julie Baker said...

Sorry about your injury, but thanks for making me smile and not feel so clutzy. I had a breakfast related incident earlier this week that resulted in a deep cut on my middle finger. The cause: The peel-back foile on a new Stoneyfield Yogurt Fat Free Yogurt container. Ow. Besides finger pain, we share a lot--namely MS, taste in men, and a love of writing and blogging.
Lazy Julie

Mrs. A said...

I am so happy that my favorite man at work is feeling better. I think we should bubble wrap your cube so you don't get hurt again.
Love ya Michael,