Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #22

Today is my younger brother's 43rd birthday. Over the years we have had our issues and disagreements, but now that we are both grown men with grown children we seem to understand one another a bit better, so for my Thursday 13 today, in honor of my kid brother I give you...

Thirteen Redeeming Qualities of my Younger Brother

1) He is a true family man, loving his wife and children with a passion that far exceeds most.

2) His convictions, whether I agree with them or not, are strong and unwavering.

3) Steadfast. You don't have to second guess him, he is always the same no matter where he is or whatever the situation.

4) Hardworking. He has made a good life for himself and family and works hard for the things he has obtained.

5) Honest. Brutally honest. Sometimes his honesty pricks your heart, but again there is no second guessing, you know how he feels on a subject and he will let you know.

6) He loves our parents with the same passion and compassion as he does his wife and children. He recognizes that who he is , is a reflection of the two parents that raised us.

7) Thoughtful. There is never been a year as adults that he has not called me on my birthday and wished me a happy birthday. Even when we were not as close, he never forgot.

8) Courageous. During his recent bouts with cancer he has faced it head on with a strong conviction that all things happen for a reason and he will face it regardless of the outcome.

9) I have to admit he is a handsome guy...maybe not as handsome as myself, but handsome nonetheless... we do look alike I may add

10) Persistent. He never gives up. Even as a kid he persisted in everything, never willing to admit failure.

11) Even though he is a man's man, a true rugged persona, he has a sensitive quality that is both redeeming and sincere.

12) Funny, he has a side of him that is very funny. His sense of humour is great and honest as he is. I see a lot of my father in him, and that is a great thing, trust me.

13) A true brother. Even when we were at odds with one another, and even when he turned away due to not understanding my "lifestyle choice" as he called it, I never questioned his loyalty to me as my brother. I knew that if it came down to it and I needed him, he'd be there for me.

Happy Birthday Brother, hope it's a good one!

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