Friday, April 25, 2008

Dad at Sixty Nine

I've written quite bit lately about my father in my blog. So much could be said about this man, but no one else would probably think it was all that great, but to me he is a great man, who has accomplished great things. Dad was raised the third of six children by a single mother during the 40's & 50's. He was a typical kid and a rebellious teen, having to spend time in a boys school because he refused to attend school. While there he learnt how to apply himself and once he was out he began to work odd jobs here and there. Carpenter work, painting and yard work to name a few. He loved to draw and would spend hours drawing and painting. A passion he continues today. He met my mother when he was 14 and they soon became "a couple". On again, off again they finally married in 1959 when he was 20 years old. They will celebrate their 49th Wedding anniversary in July.

Dad in 1940, at the age of one

Even though dad did not have a father most of his own life, he was able to see the importance of being a father. He insisted upon his own children to be honest and responsible. If we were ever caught in a lie, there would be a price to pay. He raised us with love and discipline. This was in the day when parents could actually discipline their children, and as I look back on it now I am thankful for it. I certainly wasn't then, but I realize as a father myself that it wasn't the discipline he handed out that was necessary, but the respect he garnered from it, as it was always done with love and we never had to question his love.

Dad worked for over 40 years from the age of 14 to 62, retiring from the local school district as a maintenance engineer in 2001, yet he continues to paint, do small carpenter jobs, and leather working. He stays active by bowling several times a week and sings and works in his church. To this day we all know (all three sons, daughter in laws, significant others, his 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren) that his love is honest and pure.

I salute my dad today on this his 69th Birthday!

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