Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6


1) Loose about 10 pounds, so I can eat more!
2) Buy a Thanksgiving outfit, hey I'm going to loose ten punds, I deserve it!
3) Get a haircut, you know to look good in my new outfit.
4) Start my Christmas list, it is right around the corner.
5) Get the car fixed, no one wants to have their car breakdown on Thanksgiving!
6) Get curtains for the living room. Who knows, we may get company.
7) Find a new recipe for DJ to make. Everyone knows I don't cook.
8) Buy more minutes for the cell phone. Holidays mean lots more calls
9) Finish reading that book I bought last Thanksgiving.
10) Update myself on the current football standings, I need to have conversation material while with my brothers.
11) Send out Thanksgiving cards. Oh I don't do that, nevermind.
12) Update my phonebook, need to at least call those family members I haven't talked to all year.
13) Get all my to do's completed at work. Having two days off it will be terrible when I return after Thanksgiving if I don't.

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