Saturday, November 24, 2007

I REALLY Wanted to Go Shopping

All day yesterday I thought about shopping. You know "Black Friday", but I refrained myself and stayed in all day, just venturing out long enough to take out the garbage. Even though my sons, who are staying the weekend wanted to get out of the house. I boarded up the doors and sat solemnly in my home, but my heart was saying... shop shop shop...

So today I decided I was going SHOPPING!!

We got up and I fixed breakfast and had a shower and we all headed out. I had my heart set on buying this new TV stand that I really wanted. So DJ, J2 and AT and I headed out into the world of bargain shoppers. We got all the way down the interstate, and onto the exit ramp to turn onto the busiest stretch of shopping heaven this side of Cincinnati. As I waited for the light to turn green, in anticipation of loading my car up with a newly purchased TV stand, the car died...

Yes, right on the exit ramp with cars coming up behind me, with that same determination that I had to shop, barrelling right behind me, but I was going...NO WHERE!!!

To make a long story short. I went shopping today. At Advance Auto Parts where I purchased a shiny new fully charged battery for my car.

So much for the festive shopping experience I was entertaining in my head.


Anonymous said...

LOL...sounds like a funny time.

Jason said...

Sorry to hear that. Maybe that wanted TV stand is still on sale and available?