Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goodbye Sanjaya

I was never an Idol Watcher until this year. Why?, because according to what I have heard this is the worst year since it's debut. The talent is all poor caliber compared to previous years, or at least that is what I have been hearing from Idol devotees. Irregardless of the talent or the lack thereof and irregardless of the supposedly 38 million votes that were tabulated last night (a record per Ryan Seacrest) Sanjaya Maylakar was still there last night until the announcement was made that FINALLY he was gone.

As I have watched this program I realize that this is not a talent competition as it is advertised. If that was the case Sanjaya would have NEVER even got to Hollywood. It is also not a program where the winner and losers are voted by the audience. If that was the case Sanjaya would have been gone after the first week. Instead the producers have "rigged" this program so that people will continue to watch. Sanjaya was this years American Idol lackey. He brought in the audience not by his talent but by his antics and the fact he was the one to hate. I realized this was the case with American Idol a few years ago, I mean even I heard of William Hung. Unfortunately contestants like, Brandon, Jared, Chris Sligh, and Stephanie suffered because of it. I think Chris Sligh realized it and you could tell his attitude changed drastically when he saw the true American Idol.

Producers and the "BIG WIGS" of American Idol have already made their choice, and all the choices up to this point, and their choice is $$. Not talent, not competition but advertising dollars and a marketable product. For a few weeks it was Sanjaya, but when I heard after last weeks show that ratings dropped by 28%, I knew Sanjaya would be saying goodbye.

Will I continue to watch? Sure. Will I watch next year? Not likely.

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