Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Judging is a Tough Job

Another long gap between posts. I know. But between my new job, the addiction to WoW and all the new DVD's that are coming out that I have to catch up on I've allowed my blog to suffer. Poor blog.

However, things are progressing quite nicely lately and no major catastrophes in my life, thank God!
Speaking of which, I went to church on Easter Sunday. Most of you know my background so I can say this. I felt that the services Sunday were like a bad episode of American Idol. Seriously. The choir was good, but nothing that would make you go "Wow, what a performance!" You know, just not memorable. The special music was a little lackluster and void of real emotion. They seemed like that they were just going through the motions. Maybe the song was a little too old for them. It wasn't as contemporary as you would think it should have been with the average age of the choir members.
The sermon was your typical Easter Sunday sermon. Nothing to write home about. But then again, who am I to judge it was the first time I had been to church this entire year. Yet, in all honesty I felt the entire congregation needed to get out of their comfort zones and take some risks, at least acting moved and motivated. The most touching part of the entire service for me was when the pastor introduced a young marine, home from basic training and heading to Iraq. The entire congregation stood and applauded.
Maybe I should take a clue from Paula Abdul and take little sip now and again next time I go to church. But anyway...

My brother turns 42 today and I want to wish him the best. He still looks good for 42. Better than me, but then again he's always looked better than me. However, his mustache does need a trim. Happy Birthday little brother and I am sorry about all those times I accused you of eating Dad's Nutter butter peanut butter cookies. I don't even like them, never did. I just ate them so you'd get into trouble.

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