Saturday, April 28, 2007

Drafted, or How I Became a Browns Fan

Over the past two years my involvement in sports has grown. Not that I have suddenly become athletically inclined at 46, but watching it is soon becoming one of my favorite past-times. Take for instance all afternoon today on ESPN. There I sat, glued to the TV watching the 2007 NFL Draft, seeing which team would draft the top players. Of course my own home team Cincinnati Bengals drafted a Leon Hall in their first round. A Corner Back. Hopefully they did a background check on him.

Speculation was that Notre Dame's Golden Boy, Brady Quinn would go quick, like third or fourth, maybe even first pick. However he didn't go until 22nd pick. He was drafted by my hometown teams rival, Cleveland Browns. Brady will soon become the most famous thing that has come out of Notre Dame, since the Hunchback. With this pick I may soon become a Browns fan.

Now don't get me wrong, Cincinnati has a great quarterback and who knows maybe, just maybe they may get to the Superbowl before this decade is over. Carson Palmer is good, and somewhat attractive. But Brady? Now that the Cleveland Browns have, hopefully, a star quarterback that is not only a great athlete, but very good-looking as well. Watch out for the advertising sponsorships, soon Brady Quinn and Cleveland Browns will be all over the TV screen. And if he turns out to be the star everyone believes he is, we will be seeing Brady so much we will get sick of seeing him...

Well, not really. How could you ever get sick of seeing him?

It's not like he is Peyton Manning. Now, that I got sick of seeing.

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Stewart Sternberg said...

I hate Peyton Manning. Any real football fan does. Whiny, crybaby. Brady Quinn? We'll see. But as for choosing to become a Cleveland fan? Hey, I'll support any allegiance as long as it isn't with the Lions.