Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

I have written on here before about the strange dreams that I have had, which often times come to reality. Well Friday I had a dream. Friday night. It was somewhat strange, as it was about my friend Veruca. I dreamed we were at a party and Veruca was all over this young girl. Major PDA, which I suppose is not strange, other than the fact that Veruca is of the gay persuasion. So he tells me in this dream that he wants kids, and this girl has agreed to marry him and have his children. Then a few minutes later I see Veruca on a sofa all over this really hot guy. Again, not abnormal. The girl then comes over and hits him over the head with a wine bottle and knocks him out and we rush him to the ER where he has to have his head sown up. Dream Over.

So on Monday I call Veruca, as his birthday is coming up and I wanted to take him to lunch next week. So I left a message for him to call me, and I mentioned that I had a dream I had to tell him about. So he returns my call, it went something like this...

"So what did you dream?"

I told him about my dream of him and the girl with the wine bottle...

"Do not EVER dream about me again."


"Well, Saturday morning I got up and was heading down the stairs when I tripped over the cat, and fell. I slammed my head and wound up getting knocked unconscious. Thank goodness I had a friend sleeping over on the couch and got me to the hospital. I have 5 staples in me head."

And they say dreams don't really mean anything!

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