Thursday, October 05, 2006

Six Feet Under

My best friend Silver got me hooked a few years ago on the HBO series, Six Feet Under. We bought the first season for him for Christmas, and then after he watched it we borrowed it and viewed it. It was pretty good, that first year. But not good enough for us to go out and spend $99 for each season for ourselves. (unlike Star Trek, The Next Generation). So we discontinued watching it.

Then a few weeks ago DJ went to our local library and brought the 2nd Season home. Still good, but not quite as entertaining as I remember the first season being. Then last week we went back to the library and got the third season. OMG! It was so depressing! It was the season that Nate,(played by Peter!) the eldest son was dealing with all of his issues and then the loss of his wife, Lisa, played by Lily Taylor. After watching the entire third season, I had a melt down! Maybe watching such a deep show is not a good thing when you are depressed and unemployed. So I decided to slow down on Six Feet Under and starting watching Smallville again.

Today I ventured back to the dark world of the Fisher Family of Six Feet Under. Thankfully Season 4 was not quite as dark and depressing as season three. They added some more upbeat storylines and added a little more humor. But really how upbeat can a TV show be that starts every week with someone's death? And to think I considered applying for a job at the county coroner's office. Maybe I should just stick with Disney movies. At least until I get back to work.

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