Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Tonight is our monthly "Brothers Night Out". My two brothers "CW" & "Deano", my father and myself meet every 10th of the month for a night out. We normally just meet for dinner somewhere and discuss whats been going on during the past month. At first I didn't see the point of doing this, but it is nice to keep up with my brothers and their kids. Before doing this we normally only saw each other maybe three times a year, not including the holidays. And we spoke on the phone even less.

Deano and I were not close as kids, as he is 10 years younger than myself, but now as adults he and I are closer than CW and I. We talk at least once a month besides the monthly dinners, and DJ and I have been to their house and he and his wife have been here. CW is five years younger and we were pretty close as kids, but once I became a teenager we sort of went our own ways. Then when I was a minister our lives were total opposites. Now the roles have been reversed and he is into working in the church and I of course left the church after coming out and my divorce. Needless to say things were pretty tense between CW and I for quite a while. But over the past two years we have reconnected and even though he doesn't agree with what he calls "my choice of lifestyle", we realize that family is more important. When I look at us now I think of that old SHOWTIME series that was on years ago called, "Brothers".

Our parents are growing older, and so are we and they are the only family I have besides my kids, and I'm glad now that we are doing our monthly get togethers.

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