Tuesday, June 13, 2006


To progress should be a good thing. You progress towards a goal to gain many things; experience, financial security, maturity, etc.

Well in my case progression was not a good word yesterday.

I spent my afternoon at the neurologist. It seems that my MS is no longer in remission and it is progressing quite rapidly. The lesions are growing and have now moved from my brain stem to my spine. He has warned me that I probably will begin to experience symptoms that I have not experienced before. They are aggressively treating the disease, but with MS there is no cure yet. All they can do is treat the symptoms and try and retard the progression.

He also has begun steps to file for partial disability, to try and see what he can do to alleviate some of the stress in my life. Personally, not being able to work or even the thought of it REALLY stresses me out. The doctor has suggested that I find something that I can do from home. Yeah right. That won't pay the bills. He has also suggested that I see a therapist to deal with my emotional pain and depression that I am experiencing as he stated it will probably become worse as the disease progresses.

But to look at the other side of the situation, I may very well go back into remission and not have any further problems, just the effects of what has already been damaged.

Maybe I can progress towards that end.

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