Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One Out of Ten People

Yes, it's true.
One out of ten people!
Do you believe that?
That's like 600 million people.

Yes, one out of ten people live on an island! Don't believe it? Check here and get the facts.

Not sure why I felt the need to share this information, maybe I've finally lost it.

Anyway, now that, that is out of the way, let's get on with the posting for today.

First I want to say,


And to George W. I would like to say, we have much more important issues facing this country George than whether or not gay men and women can be married. Gas prices for one, the war in Iraq for another, and your impeachment. The only reason he is even bringing this constitutional amendment up is to take away the focus on the real issues, and the poor excuse of a president he is. It didn't work the last time George and it's not going to work now. So get over yourself and be the lame duck you've been since taking office. We will all be better off.

Today is 06/06/06. I've been hearing this for days now about how today terrible things are to take place, as today is Satan's birthday. Well the day is about finished and so far it's been a pretty damn good day. Atilla the Hun, (otherwise known as my employer and DJ's grandmother) was actually nice today. Her psycho son, who normally stays around wrecking havoc, left at noon today. And I got to leave at 2:30. So as far as the workday went, mine was fairly nice and uneventful.

I checked the web today to see if anything of circumstance ever happened on June 6, '06 before and found nothing. However on June 6, 1966, 1966 - Claus Von Bulow & Martha (Sunny) Crawford wed. I'm sure that was a day she wished she could take back. But other than that nothing. So for all those superstitious folks out there afraid to come out of their house today, sorry.

As for my weekend, the boys were here and we had a good time with them. I always enjoy having them here. Hopefully in a few weeks they can stay a week. Maybe I can get a vacation and we can actually do something this summer. We did go over to Silver's on Saturday and had a cookout, and then Sunday spent the day at Mama D's lounging by her pool.

Well for now, I'm out of here. I hope you've enjoyed this rambling post, but I had to post something it has been almost a week. I didn't want anyone to think I had forgotten about all of you!

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