Wednesday, June 14, 2006


1938 was sixty-eight years ago, and it is hard to believe what was going on in the world just in that short of time. Action Comics issued their first comic book with the Man of Steel on the cover. Howard Hughes flew around the world in record time; 3 days 18 hours, and 9 minutes. 1938 was also the first year it was required by law to obtain blood tests to receive a marriage license. In February Snow white and the 7 Dwarfs was released. Other movies released in 1938 were Marie Antoinette, Boys Town, Love Finds Andy Hardy, and the Adventures of Robin Hood.

DuPont also promoted their first nylon product, a toothbrush! Elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Crystal Bird Fauset becomes the first African-American female to serve in a state legislature and FDR begins groundbreaking on the Jefferson Memorial.

Also in 1938, on June 14th my grandparents gave birth to their first child, my mother.

Sixty Eight Years, not really that long ago.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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tornwordo said...

That's a nice way to say Happy Birthday.