Monday, June 19, 2006

Back to Reality

Well now that the reality of becoming a grandfather has sunk in, I'm back in the "rut" of things. After a three and a half days hiatus from work I was back at the mad house today. Nothing has changed. Not like I really thought it would, but one can wish, right? Overall the day was actually good. Atilla the Hun was not there for most of the day, so I had the office almost to myself the biggest part of the day. Most of my customers I enjoy, and I got to show off Rylan's picture and hear all the oohs and ahs. The weekend was great, I saw all of my kids on father's day, and shared a good portion of the afternoon with my three youngest. The boys were to stay a few days, but they opted to go stay with their sister for a few days and I will get them back later in the week.

DJ called in the afternoon and shared a little bad news, financial bad news, nothing I really want to go into here. But it is nothing that we can not weather, we always do. Just makes things a little tighter than what we already are. But what is money? Just something to make us stress out about. We don't really have much of it so why let it get me down? I am sure it will in a few weeks when things begin to come due and we can not pay the bills, but for now I will stick my head in the sand and avoid reality like I normally do.

See, I told you it was back to reality. Well my reality anyway.

And yes, I will have more pics later in the week of my grandson.

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