Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cubicle Heaven or Haven?

Work is a necessary chore, unless you were born into wealth and live off the interest your trust fund gives you.  It is something we all must do in order to provide for ourselves and our family and have the basic needs meet and those not-so-basic needs meet that we have grown accustomed to having.  I have been with my current employer over 6 years.  In this day and time, and in my industry that's pretty good.  The average tenure at my job is about 4 years.  Recently there have been an influx of new hires, as we are going through an organizational restructure. I am one that really does not have issues with change, and the changes being made, are much needed and have been for some time.

For the most part I have enjoyed my employment here, and always felt appreciated and like a person.  Lately though it seems with new management and the company growing and expanding that feeling of appreciation is waning, and no longer so I feel like a person, but a machine. I also feel that my co-workers are feeling the same thing as many are looking for other work and some have recently left.

I am at a stage in my life, where I do not feel like getting the resume out and pushing it out there and making the calls and jumping through the hoops to find a new job.  I just do not have the energy for it any more.  So I will stay here where I am and deal with the current uneasiness and hope that after the storm that I am still afloat.  If not, then I will worry about what I am going to do and start looking to find something else.  But for now, I will sit right there in my cubicle and continue to do the best work I can do, and ignore the negativity and complacency of others.  I may be settling, and is it a heaven more like a haven, but if I look at the big picture, I do like my job and if I was to find something else, chances are the same things will begin to happen again, so where do we stop?  Retirement?  Probably, so until then...

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