Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alone...But Liking It.

 A little over a month ago I moved into my new place. Alone. First time I have ever lived alone, ever.  I really was anxious about living alone and not sure if I would like the idea of being by myself (well not totally by myself, I have my cat, Cordelia). There are pros and cons. The pros are I have my own complete space, and it's all me. From the decorations to the furniture to the food i eat and buy and how i spend my time.  Quite frankly I like those pros. No compromising on color schemes, or furniture or what kind of soap to buy. Here are some pics of the place, and you can see my style, can't you?

However there are cons as well. When I get lonely there is really no one here to talk to, and I am not a real big phone person, but now when I get on the phone I can't get off, because I haven't had any human interaction.  I know my friends and family are like..."what is wrong with him, does he ever shut up?"  But those that know me, they were probably saying that before I was living alone!  Some of the other cons are trying to cook for one person.  I am finding it is somewhat difficult to make enough to eat, without making too much that it sits in the fridge and goes bad, as I am not real big on leftovers.  It also is very quiet. I tend to leave on the TV just for sound.  I miss my roomies terribly, but they are a phone call away, and only live about 10 minutes away.  So when I get to missing them too much I can call or pop over and then leave when they have enough of me.  Honestly though the last few times I've been out, I look forward to going home.

One of the worst cons is the fact that I can not seem to get on a sleeping schedule.  I am finding that I am staying up later and then when the alarm says it's time to go to work, I am having a difficult time getting out of bed and getting motivated.  I am going to HAVE to force myself to making a bedtime and sticking to it.

Being living alone has not been as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think I have adjusted quite well. Maybe now I can work on not being single....not that i want a live in boyfriend though...I think I really need to give this living alone thing a shot!

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