Sunday, February 18, 2007

That's Just Haberdash

Something strange is going on in my psyche. Not that this is abnormal for me, there is always something going on there. But the last two mornings I have awoken to a strange, ...thing. Not sure what to call it. Maybe you can explain it.

You know those word of the day things you see everywhere? You know in the papers, on TV and even on web sites. Today's word of the day is..., and then you get the definition of the word? Well I have woke up the last two mornings and I've had just that. A word. Just a word, right there on the tip of my tongue. Not just a normal every day word, but a word I would not normally use in my daily communications. Like yesterday.

The word on my mind when I woke up was, COQUETTE. Why? I don't know, if I knew would I be posting a blog about it and asking you? Hell I wasn't even sure I knew what this word meant so I looked it up. According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary the word Coquette means; "to deal with something playfully rather than seriously; synonym see TRIFLE"

So today when I awoke, guess what? You got it, I had another "Word of the Day". Today the word was HABERDASH. I have heard the word before, but I know I've never used it in a sentence. So again I visited the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary..."1 British : a dealer in notions2 : a dealer in men's clothing and accessories " I even went to the urban dictionary where I got an updated definition; "A bunch of bullshit; unsupported bullshit; a notion stated a fact."

Strange? Indeed! Maybe my sub-conscience feels I need to increase my vocabulary.

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