Friday, February 16, 2007

Under the Weather

Well we got the freezing rain, snow and sub-zero temps they said we were going to get. Sometimes, unfortunately the weather forecasters get it right. But not only did we get the weather, I got something else. Some bug.

I have felt like shit for three days and finally today, after leaving work early on Thursday I just could not go to work. All day today I laid in bed. It's some kind of respitory infection I guess, but I am so exhausted all I can do is sleep.

Valentines Day came and went, and of course DJ thought of me and bought me some chocolates and The Departed DVD. The movie is great. Pure edrenelin rush. Damon, DiCaprio, Wahlburg and of course Nicholson was fantastic. Not giving any secrets away, but there is plenty of people getting killed and suspense, action and just plain good acting and film-making. I see this taking home the gold for Best Picture, it was that good. I know not a Valentines gift you'd expect, but DJ knows my love of movies and knew how much I wanted this one. He is too good to me. And what is an appropriate Valentine's Day gift?

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