Friday, August 04, 2006

What is Your Strongest Asset?

I feel my interview went well today. But then one always thinks they did well. I've never really been one that gets nervous or uptight about interviews. They either like me or they don't and I don't feel that they can even begin to tell what type of employee one will be in an hour interview. If my resume isn't enough then how is answering questions regarding my past work history, or future career hopes going to convince them they need to hire me?

Maybe I should put more stock in the interview process, but I never really have. I will either get the job or I won't. Most of the time the interview process is a personality test anyway. The questions I was asked today were not that much different then any other interview questions I have received in the past. Such as; What is your ideal work environment? What do you feel is your strongest asset? The same questions, with the same answers.

Hopefully I will hear something soon, and if it is meant for me to work there, then fine, if not I will continue to look and go on even more interviews.

By the way, what is YOUR strongest asset?

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