Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am a huge fan of Anne Rice. I've read her Vampire Chronicles at least 3 times and have just started my third reading of her Mayfair Witches series. I am also a huge fan of SIMS2, as most of you know that read my pages. Well I found the ultimate way to waste my time! It is called the Mayfair Challenge. It is a challenge for SIMS2 players combined with the Mayfair legacy from Anne Rice's books. The challenge is to create 10 families. The Mayfair Family and 9 other "Origin" families and then by following the rules provided here, you must inter-marry into each of the families until all 10 have a descendant that is a Mayfair. But enough of that...

Speaking of Vampires though, I have always been a vampire enthusiast. Not to the point where I really believe that there are real vampires out there as the fokelore states. Yes, I do believe that there are probably people out there that "think" they are vampires but not like Bela Lugosi's Count Dracula.

Think about it though, being a vampire would be, as they say, awesome. You live forever, an immortal. Yes, you have to do that by killing others and drinking their blood, but as Anne Rice's Vampires do, you could kill only the "evil doer". Live hundreds of years, never aging or becoming sick. Forever young. Well if you were lucky enough to be turned at a young age, that is. Not sure if I would want to be changed at my current age. Now maybe about 8 or 9 years ago, yeah. I was younger, less wrinkles and fat. Could you imagine it though. Living forever. But not like the vampires of old, you know the killing, murdering, blood sucking vampires we mostly think about and learnt about. I want to be the vampire with a soul, like Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lestat, from the Anne Rice novels.

As I used to think about it, I would be lost in the magic of it, but in reality it would be horrible. Living forever that is. Everyone you know and love (your family, children, friends) would all die and you would have to watch it. Not only that but after a while when you look younger than your own grandchildren you would have to go into hiding or disappear and fake your own death. If not people would know you were an immortal. So ultimately as Anne Rice's hero, Lestat, you would be alone. Completely alone. No thanks, I couldn't bare eternity alone.

So for now I'll just read the books and play the SIMS2 and be happy with my own mortality.

By the way, you like the new look? I finally found a blog template that I really like. It's me. I've always got my head in the clouds and a cop of coffee is always close by.

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