Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

There are no words that can give you the full meaning of what my mother means to me and my two brothers, as well as our children.  She is one of the most incredible women that you would ever meet.  She is now getting older and fighting Alzheimer's(but thankfully the medicine is working!) but she is still Mom.

Her love is enduring and without expectations.  She loves us unconditionally, each one of us, including the women her sons married, and the man with whom I have chose to spend my life with.

She loves each one of us, and we know it without her even saying as she shows us in her way.
As I reflect back on my childhood, adolescence and teenage years, there are two strong influencing factors as to who I came to be. my father, and my mom.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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