Sunday, May 24, 2009

Less and Less

No, I am not going to delete my blog or stop posting, but as you can tell the posts are becoming far and few between. One of the main reasons is that I have been bit by the Facebook bug.

Yes, I have been taken in by the FB scourge that has taken over even businesses and schools. I have found several of my High School friends.

So don't quit coming, I will post occasionally. If you are really interested in what is going on and can't wait on the posts find me over at Facebook.


Sherri said...

facebook was fun for a while, but I deleted my account. Time eating apps and shallow/non existent connections really REALLY bothered me. Just being friended does not a relationship make!

John said...

Nice seeing you make a post Michael. It gives me a reason to tell you how nice the blog theme looks.

btw... are you going to share your FB page? Won't you be my friend?


Lazy Julie said...

I've found a way to do both. You can blog and have a feed to your FB account so you can stay connected here and there. Just an idea. Blogging does not have wordscraper but Facebook does not have this kind of real estate and strangers looking for connections with other MSers.