Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seventy and Still going Strong

Dad turned 70 today. On April 25, 1939, he was born in Hamilton, Ohio.  Raised in Hamilton and has lived in Hamilton, but that does not mean that he has had a boring mundane life.  That is not the case.  He has lived a very happy, eventful, blessed and exciting life.  He has worked most of his life and since retirement continues to work, but in other ways.  He is always trying to help others and give to those that need help.  Dad is a very caring and compassionate person.

I didn't always think that of him, but as an adult you certainly see your parents in a different light.  He is strong in his faith, and strong in the love for his wife of 50 years come July, and his love for his family is one of the strongest.  From as far back as I remember we never part company or went to bed as a kid without hearing him say..."Love you!"

He continues to be strong and healthy, bowling up to four or five times a week, and even got up on his roof recently to put on some new roofing after a wind storm.  yeah there is no stopping him, and that is a good thing! One he continues to love strong more every day.

Happy Birthday Dad, Love Ya!

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