Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Over Already!

Winter, I just want it to get over with! I have had a sore throat for several days and decided that I should finally go to the doctor. I thought I had strep, as it hurt so bad, but thankfully it wasn't.

Unfortunately however I had some other issues. My diabetes seems to be doing fine and my counts were good, now it seems I have an irregular heartbeat. (Which I think I've had a murmur since I was a kid) My regular doctor is out on a medical leave so I got to see the nurse practitioner and she was somewhat alarmed. So an EKG was done in the office and I have to schedule a stress test sometime.

DJ turns 29 on Friday and his mother turns 50 so we are all going out Friday night for a family dinner. Dan chose Applebee's it sounds like a good time, just hope i an shake this cold before then so I can enjoy it.

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