Saturday, October 04, 2008

Starting Now

I have been a smoker off and on since I was about 17. So that is roughly 30 years, give or take a few years here and a few years there. Actually I've probably smoked for about 21 years as I did quit for quite a while while I was married and when my kids were little.
But today starts a new chapter. A chapter that does not include cigarettes. I finished my last pack and now I will use the nicotine patches to assist me in my goal. I've wanted to quite for sometime, as I know my health is paying for this nasty habit. I actually don't even like the taste of cigarettes, but apparently the nicotine receptors in my brain are thinking otherwise. I need to stop, I want to stop and quite honestly I have to stop! I want to live to see my grand kids have kids. I also want to be around for DJ as long as I possibly can, so hopefully this will allow me to do that.
I am about a pack a day smoker, so I know it could be worse. I have friends that smoke two packs a day! With DJ out in LA I hope that this will be a good time as any to put this beast behind me, and then work on him when he returns so we can beat this together.
Okay all, I am counting on all of you remind me of the dangers of smoking and make sure I just continue to say NO!
So starting now the countdown begins....


Sherri said...

I'll give you a little encouragement by recounting for you how I've lost so many family members to cigarette related causes.

First, I'm allergic to the smoke. Just a few minutes of it and I am coughing until I choke. I've even passed out a few times. Until no public smoking became common, I avoided a lot of restaurants. Going to a bar or nightclub was out of the question unless I wanted to be gasping in the parking lot.

My mother died of a stroke. Narrowing of arteries due to smoking -- I was 16. She dropped dead in the living room in front of me.

My maternal grandfather died of throat cancer before he was 70 -- smoker. My mom's brother suffered with emphasyma for some 15 years before dying of massive cancers. My paternal grandfather died at 65 of a heart attack. Another aunt died of lung cancer, as did a second uncle. Smokers, all.

My father quit smoking when I was 8, after several bouts of pneumonia, because the doctors told him he'd have about a year left if he didn't. He almost made it to 70 before dying of congestive heart failure. I was 35.

When I was 14, I had to stay in the hospital for a few days of testing. Due to construction, I shared a room with a woman dying of emphysema. Between bouts of panic because she could not breathe, she warned me over and over never to smoke. I never went near it.

Good luck to you on this.

anythingbutsad said...

It singes your lungs, stains your teeth, makes one's semen taste gross, and yellows the walls of one's home.

Linda said...

It's a hard, long battle that even I am fighting!
We all know the up's and down's that comes with smoking, and being preached at does not help!
One day at a time!
Good Luck to you!