Sunday, June 15, 2008


I try to think that I am a good father. I've done the best I could do, anyway. My kids are all almost grown now, out on their own. Two of them are parents themselves now, trying to be good parents.
Yesterday I was at my gradson's 2nd birthday party, and I watched the fathers there.

I watched my son, with his son. He was patient, understanding and playful with him in a way I don't remember being with my own sons. At least not that I remember. I mean I was patient most of the time, and extremely understanding and I played with my kids, but for some reason it seemed different watching my son do those things.

I also watched my own father who was there. 69 years old and he still expects a hug and a "I love you" before we leave him. Adoring to my mother (who happened to be having her own birthday as well) He took time out of the festivities to take a look at my sons car to help him with air-conditioning, as his words were "You better not drive around in that hot car with no air, with that baby!" Always the father.

I watched others as they were there with their children and step-children. Then I looked over at DJ. There he sat on the floor with my grandson, opening all of his toys, taking them out of the boxes and putting them together as my grandson hands him the boxes and says "opnit". I looked at him with admiration and respect. He was enjoying being in the midst of the chaos, and helping the little guy put the toys together so he could play with them. He too was being fatherly and thinking of Rylan first.
Something very special happened in that moment as I watched him play with my grandson and watched Rylan's eyes at "Nad" (that is what he calls Dan, he says his words backwards.) I realized not only what a great person, and great man he is, but also what a great dad he is to my own children and grandchildren. Something else happened yesterday that also made me realize how others see Dan in our family. My daughter-in-law was making introductions as there was family members from her side of the family as well. She introduced Dan as... "Joe's dad's husband, Dan" It sounded a little funny at first, but her saying it and introducing him that way, it really made him part of the family.

Fathers Day is a special day and not just because I am a father. It can show us not just who the fathers are, but it also shows is the DADS. Anyone can be a father, just a few moments of pleasure and a child can be conceived and you become a father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy. And you also don't have to be a natural father to be a Dad.

Happy Daddy's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Happy fathers day to one of the best men I know!! I feel honored to call you my friend!! Love you!!