Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Little Pain Goes A Long Way

It's been almost a year.

That is almost a year since my visit to the neurologist. Since being diagnosed with MS in 1992 I've had my share of doctors, medication, new drugs, MRI machines and spinal taps. Just for the record, they don't really tap on your spinal in a spinal tap, they drain fluid from it, like tapping a maple tree for it's syrup.

Anyway, my annual exam was Tuesday. I left work early and headed to the torture chamber. I had the MRI, which is bearable, and then the needles. Needles and I don't have a problem. Like I said before I've had my share of them over the past 15 years. But this time was going to be different. I had a trainee. Yes, a trainee spinal tapist. To be honest I do not think that should be allowed in the medical profession, trainees? No, but I guess they have to learn some how.

After my little trainee done the dastardly deed, I laid for an hour afterwards and then went my merry way home to await the results. At 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning I awoke with the most excruciating head pain I have ever experienced in my life. So much so I was not only nauseous, but literally blinded by the pain. I missed an entire day of work and stayed in bed the entire day.

But no pain, no gain right? I got the results from the tests today, and the doctor tells me that I am in remission and not only that. but it looks like it has come to a halt, as the damage done back several years ago is beginning to repair itself! He found it quite exciting, as it's rare for this to be occurring. Nevertheless, it's great news to me.

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Stewart Sternberg said...

No pain, no gain...
Here's to you and hoping that you continue to rebound and that the remission continues. Peace