Monday, March 03, 2008

Time for a Change

Tomorrow is election day here in Ohio and over the entire state men, women and some new voters who have just turned 18 will be casting their votes tomorrow for a plethera of causes, levies, council members and yes even who they want to run for President of the United States come November.

Most of you that read my blog know I do not (or at least not very often) use my blog for a political stand, but I want you t listen to this video from Ellen Degeneres. Regardless of how you feel about her or her own political views, I think her point is clear and very important. Before you cast your vote tomorrow and if you feel that every person is entitled to the same rights as every other person in this wonderful country, which is to live without fear, make sure the person you are voting for truly has those same beliefs. Please. We should not lose anymore of our young boys or girls due to hate brought on by ignorance.




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Merelyme said...

love your blog...came over from lisa's site...brass and ivory. i will be sure to visit again. by the way I have MS too.

Anonymous said...

Brought me to tears watching this... you told me about it awhile ago...but I was checking it over the weekend on my NEW computer :o) It is ok to be gay!