Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Weekend

Everyone's watching, to see what you will do
Everyone's looking at you, oh
Everyone's wondering, will you come out tonight
Everyone's trying to get it right, get it right

The next line of the song is...Everybody's working for the weekend, and isn't that so true?  As I read the status updates today on Facebook of all my friends, they are all about the weekend.  What they did, where they went, who they did it with and it seems as though everyone is having one hell of a good time on the weekends.  Who cares if we are having a heat wave!

My weekends over the past month and a half, have also been great.  One weekend after another I am venturing out into worlds unknown, places I dared not not go before, and meeting people that I wish I would have met sooner.

Friday night my bestie and I went out on the town.  First we hit one of the "hot spots" of the city and saw a drag show.  Now I am normally not one for drag shows.  Never been my forte', however this one was quite well done.  For Cincinnati, that is a good thing as there are not that many good drag shows in town, nor that many good drag queens, but then again, I really haven't been out much in the past few years, but I must say the show I saw Friday night was well worth the time I spent.

We then ventured across the river to one of our regular hangouts and played some darts...yes, I played darts.  It's about as athletic as I can get, but it too was quite fun, not to metion the shot of ' Jager I consumed prior to leaving.  So the night was about over and then we made one last stop...

I am not going to go into specifics, but let me suffice to say that I found out that 'Jager can change the way you see things...and see people!

Saturday came, and again the weekend continued to get even better (without 'Jager this time)
Anyway, I loved the weekend, so it will soon be Monday again.  Let the work week begin and lets work for next weekend!  Hope to see you there!!!

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